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How It Works?

Pick campaign
Step 01

Pick your favorite campaign

Pick campaign from brand, product or event you’ve known, you’ve used, or one of your favorites. 

Create & submit post
Step 02

Create & submit post for moderation

Create post, then submit and wait for moderation process to ensure your post meet campaign’s guidelines.

Earn reward
Step 03

Earn reward

The more likes, shares, or tags you get, the more rewards you make!

Why joining Spradz influencer?

Because maximized income is possible!

At Spradz we believe in transparency and the same passion to succeed, so we make a simple income scheme that allow you to maximize your income.

All creators are welcome

Spradz wants to become home for creators from almost every genre, interests, and background to connect with brands who are just as passionate as you are.

Real projects, real community, real income

Spradz maintains a real business, backed up by real people and advanced technology. You will deal with real campaigns that generate real money to your account. We’re here today and we strive to be here in the future.

Ready to maximize your income?

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