Privacy Policy

The privacy policy mentioned here is a reference that regulates and protects the use of important data and information on site users and the Spradz web and mobile applications. Data and information that have been collected when registering, accessing and using services in Spradz, such as e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, photos, images, and others.

These policies include:

  • Spradz protects all information provided by users when registering, accessing and using all services of Spradz.
  • Spradz protects all personal rights that arise from information about a product that is displayed by users of the Spradz service, whether in the form of photos, usernames, logos, and others.
  • Spradz has the right to use data and information on site users to improve the quality and service at Spradz.
  • Spradz is not responsible for data exchanges that are carried out alone among site users.
  • Spradz can only notify data and information held by site users and web and mobile applications if required and / or requested by authorized institutions based on applicable legal provisions, official orders from the court, and / or official orders from relevant agencies / authorities .
  • Users of the Spradz website and web application and mobile can unsubscribe from various types of latest promo information and exclusive (unsubscribe) offers if you do not want to receive this information.