Terms of Service

This page (along with the documents mentioned) shows you the terms of use that will be used as your basis to use our website Spradz.com and our mobile applications available on Google Play, both as guests or registered users. You agree that your continued use of this website, indicates that you accept and agree to these terms of use and you agree to comply. If you do not agree to these terms of use, please do not continue using our site and applications.

Information About Spradz

Spradz is a mobile site and application that is operated and owned by PT. Tera Achiever (“us”), a limited liability company established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Any questions about us or our website can be sent to info@spradz.com.

Spradz Users :

Advertisers : products and services owners who use Spradz services to share information or advertisements about their business or products and services.

Buzzer : Spradz registered users who will share information or advertisements from Advertisers in the form of links / URLs through various media.

Influencer : registered users in Spradz who will share information or advertisements in the form of posts, videos or images / photos through social media to theirs followers.

Member : all registered users in the Spradz database, either as an Advertiser, Buzzer and Influencer.

Joining as Spradz Member

  1. Every user who wants to become our member must provide the following information:
    • Real name (not pseudonym or fictitious name)
    • Email address
  2. Each member must maintain the confidentiality of the password used to access the Spradz account. If there is no notification from you, we will assume that everyone who uses your account has received permission from you.
  3. Each member must provide information about the bank account or payment method that will be used to make transactions on the Spradz website and mobile application.
  4. We reserve the right to verify the information you provide. We also have the right to limit the use of sites and mobile applications until the verification process is complete.

User Behavior

  1. You agree to use our site in accordance with the Rules of Service and do not violate applicable laws and regulations.
  2. You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, sell or exploit our site for any commercial purposes, except where permitted in the applicable Service Rules.
  3. By becoming our member, you agree that your information is stored in our database, including your personal data in the form of transaction data that you do through our site and mobile application.
  4. We reserve the right to refuse to serve you, or limit, pause and revoke your account at any time, with or without reason.
  5. We can send information and offer products or services to you from time to time.

Use of Services

  1. The Advertiser agrees to use the Spradz service with fees according to the services chosen by the advertiser concerned.
  2. The content of advertisements or campaigns from the Advertiser is not the responsibility of Spradz, but Spradz will filter the contents of the ad or campaign so that it does not conflict with the laws that apply in Indonesia before advertisements can be shared by Buzzers and Influencers.
  3. The advertisement content or campaign shared by Buzzer and Influencer is not the responsibility of Spradz, but Spradz will provide advice, recommendations and rules for the content of advertisements that are in accordance with the Advertiser’s campaign and do not violate the laws in Indonesia, nor violate the provisions of the social media, messenger or other relevant media.
  4. For each campaign shared by Buzzers and Influencers, Members will be entitled to receive compensation or rewards in amounts according to the provisions of each ad or campaign.
  5. Provisions regarding the minimum withdrawal balance (withdraw) and withdrawal time are as follows:
    • Minimum balance for withdrawal: Rp. 50.000, –
    • Tranfer funds to user’s bank account: every Friday (once per week)
    • if a withdrawal request is made on Saturday or Sunday, the funds will be transferred the following Friday.
  6. Spradz provides campaign statistics to the Advertiser to be able to monitor the effectiveness of the ongoing campaign.
  7. Spradz provides income acquisition statistics for Buzzers and Influencers to monitor the amount of revenue from each ad or campaign.
  8. Spradz has the right to suspend or delete the membership of Buzzer and Influencer and impose sanctions which result in funds that cannot be withdrawn if it is proven that the Buzzer and Influencer committed violations in the form of:
    • attempts to commit fraud against the Spradz system
    • attempts to damage the Spradz system and / or server
    • distribute advertisements or campaigns that are not in accordance with the rules of the advertisement so that they violate the advertiser’s campaign and violate the laws in force in the State of Indonesia
  9. Advertisers, Buzzers and Influencers agree to release Spradz from all responsibilities and the consequences of possible advertisements or campaigns that violate applicable laws in Indonesia.

Refund Policy

  1. Spradz does not refund to Advertisers, either before or after the process of distributing advertisements or campaigns by Buzzers and Influencers.
  2. If there are remaining funds from previous payment made by the Advertiser for an advertisement or campaign, the funds will be moved into the advertiser’s balance and can be withdrawn to the Advertisers bank account or used for the next campaign.

Change of Terms of Service

We reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Service if necessary, with or without prior notice.

Questions, Suggestions and Comments

Please send your questions, suggestions or comments through email info@spradz.com or by phone +628197558559.